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Full Version: All Moms Are Working Moms; Stop Comparing Working And Stay At Home Ones
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If you’re a mom, you’re probably a part of Mommy Whatsapp and Facebook groups. These groups are helpful, informative and help you connect with moms in the area, state or even country. They might be entertaining but sometimes, just sometimes, you can see the occasional flare up of stay-at-home moms versus working moms. As someone who has been both, I am here to establish that all moms are working moms - whether in a nighty at home or in a sharp business suit.

#Myth 1: Stay-at-home moms watch television soaps all day long

Umm, no. School runs, dabbas to be packed, laundry, overseeing the bai, seeing to the needs of the in-laws, seeing to homework, paying bills, etc. The list goes on and on - and yes, while technology has made life significantly easier as compared to our mothers and grandmothers (can you imagine grinding masalas on a stone?), there’s no real downtime for SAHM.

#Myth 2: Working moms want to further their careers instead of being moms

I have huge issues with this. Why can’t women be ambitious AND great mothers? This doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. As a working mom, I want to further my career for better financial security for my child and family, so isn’t that a sign of trying to be a better mom?

#Myth 3: Stay-at-home moms are available anytime, anyday

Nope, they aren’t. They have their own stuff to deal with, from taking care of their kids to running their own errands. So don’t expect your SAHM friend to suddenly drop everything in her life, to attend to your needs and run an errand or listen to your breakup stories.

#Myth 4: Working moms are not efficient or hard-working

So often, women who have had children or return from maternity leave are passed for promotions because they aren’t viewed as efficient workers. But as any working mom will tell you, you’re actually more productive once you’ve had a baby because you have to complete all your work before you head home to the little human you left behind who is dependent on you. In fact, speaking from personal experience, I would pummel through my to-do list and also manage making doctor appointments and shopping for essentials at the same time (Thank you, online shopping!).

#Myth 5: Stay-at-home moms stay at home because they want to

In India, a lot of us live in joint family systems or live with our in-laws, which sometimes provides family support for the child. But for many couples living outside their home states or live separately, they don’t have a support system and the lack of adequate child-care services have led women to take a backseat in their career and stay at home.

So instead of tearing each other down, let’s recognize that we’re all in this together.