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Full Version: Katrina & Disha’s Ruched Dresses Are The Perfect Paunch Cover-Up That Tummies Need
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No matter what our body types are--skinny, curvy, broad, or voluptuous; we all have days when in our hearts we want to step out of the house with an abundance of sass and style, but our bodies are in complete disagreement. Ladies all around the world recognise these as ‘bloated days’ and no matter how hard we try to suck our tummies in, the stubborn paunch just refuses to hide!

Normally while we’re on our period, the bloated tummy can come unannounced during off days too and completely ruin our plans to wear that body-hugging top or cute bodycon dress. But guess what? There’s a brand new trend on the block that’s not just stylish, it can perfectly cover-up our winter bod--a ruched dress!

Currently a rave on and off the runways, ‘ruched’ is basically a type of pleat (usually with sheer or organza-like fabrics on top of a sturdier one). The delicate pleats create an illusion of being crunched, therefore, covering up our beloved belly rolls and love handles without having any time spent running on the treadmill!

I’m a thick girl and I love how imperfect my body is but on days when I wake up feeling sexy as hell, a tummy tucker underneath my glam dress is the last thing I’d wanna wear and suffocate myself in. And hence, a ruched outfit to save the day! YAY! Looks like the fittest of Bollywood celebs are using this trick too ‘cause we just spotted Katrina Kaif and Disha Patani sport this trend. Disha even admitted in a comment meant for Tiger Shroff’s sister that breathing was optional in her dress. We can obviously choose a more comfortable size!

Here are some of the best and the most affordable ruched pieces available online:

1. Burgundy ruched dress

Very similar to that of Disha’s dress, this hot one is a perfect Saturday night outfit.

2. Cute ruched blouse

You don’t always have to go for the OTT vibe. You can embrace this trend for a more everyday look too.

3. Summer mini skirt

How adorable is this ruched mini skirt? The colour, the delicate floral print, the design; everything about this mini skirt will make you yearn for the summer.

4. One-shouldered ruched dress

This dress is a perfect pick for a sophisticated sit-down dinner look when paired with a blazer and high heels.

5. Retro floral ruched top

We’re in love!