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Full Version: Mahhi Vij’s Daughter Says ‘Mumma’ For The First Time, The Moment Will Make You Go Aww
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TV lovebirds Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij became proud parents to a baby girl last year and the duo has been enjoying parenthood ever since. Especially Mahhi, who keeps sharing insights of motherhood on Instagram, and the adorable mommy-daughter posts are proof. From funny TikTok videos to gratitude-filled posts, baby girl Tara has managed to grab all the eyeballs.

Mahhi’s recent post is about the moment every mother anxiously waits for. Mahi shared a video of her little daughter calling her ‘mumma’ for the first time. She shared the adorable video with a caption that read, “Today my daughter called me mumma. It's an emotional day for me. This is what I prayed for, I must have done something nice in life to have become the mother of such a beautiful child. Tara has filled my life with happiness. First word MUMMA all I could do is cry with happiness. Tara, you have made your mumma stronger, more courageous and more giving. I never knew how much my heart could swell until the first time I heard ‘mumma’ love you to the end of forever.” Check it out:

That’s such a cute moment! A video all new mommies on the block can relate to.

However, in case you have missed out on the mother-daughter chemistry on TikTok, here are a few you need to check out.

Mahi on uninvited parenthood advice

A few days back, the baby girl was targeted by trolls for something that involved an argument between her father Jay and TV actor Paras Chhabra on a reality show. Mahi was in no mood to let it go and bashed the trolls on Twitter. Not just that, she also raised concerns over how new mommies are always subjected to unsought advice and suggestions all the time.

She shared a post on Instagram where she wrote, “People often tell me I am spoiling my girl let her cry. Let her be an independent 6 months baby. You are holding her too much. Next time you think about telling a mother what she should or shouldn’t when it comes to her kids, without her asking for your advice. Stop and keep it to yourself. In the meantime, I’ll continue to love all over my sweet doll while I can because I know these moments won’t last forever. One day she won’t need me as much, or she's too cool for mumma until then I’ll soak in all of the cuddles.”