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I now regret all the instances in the past when I came up with some really lame excus
Are you someone like me who just hates to step out on a weekend? Do your friends literally have to drag you out of your house? Do you often find yourself brainstorming for legit excuses to cancel plans with friends? While the answer to all three questions is a loud yes, I am sure the lockdown has compelled you to think otherwise. If yes, here’s a virtual high-five to you.

I now regret all the instances in the past when I came up with some really lame excuses to not be a part of any social gatherings or weekly outings. How I miss all of it now. Putting all the WhatsApp groups on mute and ignoring all the messages, is something I feel guilty about now. Not because I don’t love my friends, but because after a grueling week at work, I just felt like doing nothing. As much as I love my friends, I didn’t want my brain and body to engage in any extra-curricular activity.

But the isolation has taught me some serious life lessons which I can’t ignore. I have now come to terms with the fact how important social interactions and meetups are. While all this while I secretly mastered the art of making excuses, deep inside I hate that skill now.

Away from the crowd and cacophony, lying on my couch, doing absolutely nothing--is what kinda ideal weekends looked like. Straining myself and taking that extra effort to dress up which I dread earlier, is now something I can’t wait for. I can’t wait to go out and meet people who matter and give them a big hug! It doesn’t end there. I also wish to tell each one of them separately, how important they are to me. Even though I have the option to do that on a video call now, I feel these emotions are conveyed better in person.

The fact is, I am bored being a couch potato. Laziness is not my thing anymore. I admit I feel lonely and I need people around. I need to talk and indulge in conversations with my friends. The lockdown has really changed me. While I never thought I would ever feel bad for flaking on friends, but in all honesty, now I do.

I have in fact made a long list of things I wish to do once everything settles down. As surprising as it may seem to my friends, but I will be the one calling them up to make plans irrespective of the weekend. I will be the first one to leave a message on the group, “Hey, let’s meet up girls. I have never missed you guys so much!”

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